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Class 12






Magnetic Field And Forces


Two long conductors, separated...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D

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I want to long conductor separated by a distance D carry current i1 and I2 in same direction force on each other current in one is increased to 2 X and that in the direction is Reverse then the distance is also increased to 3D then the new force between them and so if I draw a to current carrying wire City Centre at a distance of tea in the same day if I write down the force it is said that they exert

v f on each other on the force so it will be we know that the force per unit length is not I I want to buy to this is a force per unit length is said that the forces Twilight the f is equals to not i1 I2 by to tidy into the length and that no two current in one of them is increased to time right and the direction is also reversed and distance is also made 3 x 5 tips to I 103d and direction is also river

light after it will be equals to minus sin sin direction is reversed 3 i1 I2 l by 2 into 3 so it will be you can see -3.28 2 by 3 x of light and shade for the options or minus 2 by 3 is the soti is the correct option of the change force will be minus 2 by 3 times of initial force

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