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Class 12






Jee Main Revision Test - 27 - Jee -2020


Two liquids of densities rho_1...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B
Solution : `F_1 = (rho hg)/2 xxA` <br> `F_2 = (rho gh+(3rho gh)/2)A` <br> `F_1/F_2 = 1/5` <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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hello Mohan to liquid of density rho 1 and 2 are filled up behind of square wall side length 6 m as shown in the figure is located at the height of 3 M the ratio of the upper half and the lower half assuming the liquid are not make it will be equal to the height of both of them is 3 m and B will be equal to 2 is to 3 is equal to talk about the pressure pressure will varies linearly calculating the pressure at each element we can just calculate the pressure at the centre and we multiply this pressure with area please calculate the speed of the centre

it will be simply bro 133301 people talk about the pressure to so pressure Pritam will be equal to first of all row 10 11 ch1 because of this upper liquid plus this middle points is a middle point to I will write 3 + 3 by 2 + 3 by 2 equal it will be 9 by 2 this will be the pressure P1 and P2 we wanted the holes ratio and rotor is given it is three times of so if you see here it will be

3 x of Rover this is root 2 so I will write RO gs3 plus dresses 3 time for approval 29 by 26 B 52 F1 bhaiya it it is equals to P1 P2 A2 area sem you can cancel of free Roman 2012 will get cancelled out in 23 by 50 Roman river to will get cancelled out


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