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Two liquid columns of same hei...

Two liquid columns of same height 5m and densities `rho` and `2rho` are filled in a container of uniform cross sectional area. Then ratio of force exerted by the liquid on upper half of the wall to lower half of the wall is. <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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hello the question is to liquid columns of the same height that is 5 and density is row and 2 are filled in a container of a uniform cross sectional area the ratio of force exerted by liquid on the opposite of the word to the lower half the find the ratio of forces that is exerted by the liquid on the upper wall to the lower let's look at a given here this is not that is 0 if I'm going at it down I'm taking this is even what will be this we know we're not that is 0 + rose no again we will go this this is becoming P2 and P2 is what this RO H plus Rosy X + RO price

of row because its density is twice of this one is twice of pro and simple find this is not P1 and P2 now have to find the force we know the formula of pressure what is this force upon area so force is what pressure into this wall you know during according to Pascal's law all part of the liquid has same so it is not even if it found this in a while we will take the ratio of will take the average of both so I can write for upper wall force exerted on the wall will be what phenol + 1 /

2 into area of the wall similarly for lower wall petals port I am taking F1 and that is 1 + 2 divided into area now if you calculate we have to find its time taken by that is not + fever by 2 into area this is P1 + P2 bhai to again into area are getting cancelled how to and to getting cancelled out it comes out to be phenol + 1 divided by 1 +

putting this value is zero one is what row and height we have given as 5 / 3131 is again RO G5 plus price of S10 ji again distance Roji ATS 10th plus dresses plus Rosy again 5 Dil Ro Ro I hope you got this what I have taken the P2 from here becoming what 5 Rosy in upper Park divided by 5 + 5

10 + 10 20 Rose Rosy Rosy getting cancelled out 5 by 21 by the compound to be the ratio is on the wall that is one by two talk about options option 11 by 4 is correct thank you

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