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Two identical pendulums oscill...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A

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we have a question for the topic angular SHM two identical pendulum oscillates with a constant phase difference by 4 and have same amplitude if the maximum velocity of one is be the maximum velocity of the other will be so we know that the maximum velocity is independent of anything so the maximum velocity is going to be the but we need to prove it so if you consider the first pendulum what is it is saying that there at a constant phase difference always so basically there frequency of oscillation is same then only taken for all the time have a constant phase difference of Pi before so if the first velocity first angular SHM has velocity equals to a Omega Sin Omega T the second should have an equation of a MP 2 December have been given and as they are at a constant phase difference Omega will be same as well sign

Omega T + 5 that is equals to nothing but pi by 4 in bracket and right pi by 4 so this is the equation of the second velocity of the second wave now given that the maximum velocity of this is we so far as to get the maximum velocity of to put Sin Omega T = 21 Sobi Max is what it is nothing but you Mega and for the second particle also what you'll have to do you are to basically put the sign come to B = 21 to get the maximum velocity so Vmax for the second particle will also be Omega so as we can see that it is independent of the phase difference the answer had to be a option that is they will have the same maximum velocity thank you

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