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Two ideal Carnot engines opera...

Two ideal Carnot engines operate in cascade (all heat given up by one engine is used by the other engine to produce work) between temperatures, `T_(1) and T_(2)`. The temperature of the hot reservoir of the first engine is `T_(1)` and the temperature of the cold reservoir of the second engine is `T_(2)`. T is temperature of the sink of first engine which is also the source for the second engine. How is T related to `T_(1) and T_(2)`, if both the engines perform equal amount of work?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B


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12 ideal carnot engine operate in cal s all hit given up by engine Y1 engine is used by other engine to produce to work between the temperature of the Fortress wire of the first engineer st1 and the temperature of called reservoir of the second engine is 82 is temperature of the same copy engine which is also the source for the second engine how is a letter to T1 and t2 if the engine for equal amount of when it is a letter to T1 and t2 amount of Tantra diagram this is the temperature T1 this is of all trades why and just enjoy his work

w1 and this is one and this is the 2nd year intermediate result via this is a intermediate engine is and working temperature is too low to and this is the tree and this is the cold perform equal amount of a circle find the values of

can write as in form of 1 litre so we can write a hoarder w12 that is Q1 Q2 and shirt w23 Android q 1 + 3 equal to q 2q 1 + Q2 Q3 Kyon band + Q 3 upon Q 22222 now you can find the value of 1 upon Q to that is equal to 1 upon 2

temperature 3 upon 3 + 2 upon 3 is equal to 1 + 2 is equal to b is equal to 1 + 3 2.2 solution

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