Updated on:30/05/2023

Two girls each of weigth 400N, climb up a rope through a height of 8m. We name one of the girls A and the other B. Girl A takes 20s while B takes 50s to accomplish this task. What is the power expneded by each girl.



Google each of weight for hundred Newton climb up Arrow through a height of 8 m v name one of the girls and other be galat 820 S B B tech 50 second to accomplish this task what is the Power expended by ok so now we will see this problem how to solve it support this is girl will be its weight is given which is 404 and Nitin for both and both with climb up to date and time taken by what is 22nd and 50 seconds respectively so power is basically work done upon time so work done by this can be MG into H and time taken is 20 so this will be 160 watt bhai girl let it be a
and power bi girl we will be MGH MG 4488 and time taken each 50 so this will be 32 hot sorry this will be 64 wat solar power bi girl bi will be 64 what thank you


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