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Two elastic wire A & B having ...

Two elastic wire `A & B` having length `l_(A)=2m` and `l_(B)=1.5m` have young's modules ratio `(Y_(A))/(Y_(B))=(7)/(4)`. If `r_(B)=2mm` then the radius of `A` given that due to application of the same force change in length in both `A & B` is same

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A


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car starter question question to elastic wire having length L is equal to M and Arabic all 21.5 have young modulus radio mis u call to vi vi vi vi the radius of wire is and the radius of a given that due to the application of given 1.5 mm 1.9 mm 2.7 mm so Hindi question is given that change in the length of wire and length of wire b

is night gel help both ok and the end the radius of base 2 mm and where to find the radius of so if you use the formula for young modulus that is why equals force into length / area in to change in length so what we can write for young modulus a we can write have a / area of wire is because the contract will be the circular circular surface so we will be happy to write

area of circular path that are a square into LLP address change in length and weight diet for be as well force into / bi R square radius of why do Dell know if you take the ratio now if it did you Raise you why a / why we know that will be equal to App / i r a square into a /

do I'll be divided by RB square into tell if solve further the value vi vi vi vi is given as 7 by 4 and if if we arrange this will get up into a / i r a square into that l x i r b square into Dell / I have into lb so here we see that by and

this cancel out the force is same for both sweet will be cancelled out and what is raised that deal is same for both will be cancelled out so we can write 7 by 4 = l a r b square / Aaye square 2 LB now we assessed value so 754 value of a list to mm into again the radius is also given its 2 it will be 2 into 2 / Aaye square into the value of LBS 15 if you take

out Hari on the left side of a square that will be equal to 2 into 2 into 2 into 471 and this will keep 3.0 47 now we're taking root of our that is root under 3.0 47 vitamin B12 Mili metre radius is 1.7 mm if you see the option to the correct option is option in 1.7 mm we can write correct

option is option in 1.7 M thank you

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