Two discs of moments of inertia I1andI2 about their respective axes (normal to the disc and passing through the centre), and rotating with angular speed ω1andω2 are brought into contact face to face with their axes of rotation coincident . What is the angular speed of the two-disc system ?


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2 disc of moment of inertia i1 and I2 about their respective access normal to the disc and passing through the centre and rotating with angular speed of ruin and w2 are brought in contact face to face with the axis of rotation coincident what is the angular speed of the tourist system so what is the initial scenario initially we have to disk that se D1 and D2 and both are rotating with Axis passing through its centre and perpendicular the print so its moment of inertia i1 and it have a moment of inertia i2it Omega sw1 its Omega is w2 so its angular momentum and angular momentum is let se 11 which I want and its angular momentum will be let se Alto which will be item agar tu so after this what happened that both the disk
placed on one another by face by fish that is one disk is placed on the topic other and both have same axis of rotation na so let's common Omega for both the system that is common or Mega for this will be Omega and what will be moment of inertia of the system moment of inertia will be I want + I2 which is moment of inertia of a disc of moment of inertia of s s so initially now we have this system initially and finally what happened this system get converted to this in this we will apply angular momentum conservation so what is our initial angular momentum our initial angular momentum is angular momentum of this + angular momentum of this that is initially I want Omega 1 + I2 Omega to and what is final and angular momentum h
angular momentum will be I 1 + 2 into Mela I 1 + 2 into Omega snow we have to find Omega so what we will do angular momentum initialise customer angular momentum final so I want + 2 into a mega will be equal to Y 17 + I2 Omega to from where we will get I want sorry omega's to I want to make an + I2 Mega to upon 1 + I2 so this will be our final Omega thank you

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