Two discs of moments of inertia I1andI2 about their respective axes (normal to the disc and passing through the centre), and rotating with angular speed ω1andω2 are brought into contact face to face with their axes of rotation coincident . What is the angular speed of the two-disc system ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

(i) Let w be the angular speed of the two-disc system. Then by conservation of angular momentum.
Or ω=I1ω1+I2ω2I1+I2
(ii) Initial K.E. of the two discs.
Final K.E. of the two disc system.
Loss in K.E.
=K1K2=12(I1ω21+I2ω22)12(I1+I2)(I1ω21+I2)(ω1ω2)2 = a positive quantity [ω1ω2]
Hence there is a loss of rotational K.E. which appears as heat.
When the two discs are brought together, work is done against friction between the two discs.


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