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Class 11






Properties Of Matter


Two different types of rubbers...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : (a) Here Hooke.s law is not obeyed, as thegraphs are not straight at any region of the graph. During unloading, the strain lags behind stress. This is called elastic hysteresis. Both material show this. <br> (b) Rubber absorbs vibrations and converts it into heat. This can be done more efficiently by selecting that rubber which has a large area( shaded region) for the hysteresis loop. Hence rubber B can be used. <br> (c ) The rubber which has least area for the hysteresis loop must be used for a car tyre, so that least energy will be wasted in the form of heat, so rubber A can be used.

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hello bhai question is two different types of rubber are found to have a argument was Mukesh number 8 where to find in which significantly do these stress strain curve of a metal wire shown in figure figure given for rubber two types of Rama and import a we have to tell how 15 graph is different from graph for the graph I am drawing is 4 case

lighter at point P stress is directly proportional to strength and then there is an elastic limit point and 4 vacancy stress versus string in I am company what we find algo and Discover School loading when we are applying Road on the rubber then we got this graph and when we are releasing the load we found this graph this is unloading found two different curves for loading and unloading metric we found it

find a straight line with constant and slope is known as young smaller but for loading ke rubber is not a straight line value of changing with the loading type of material distribution show that of the cross change at various condition of loading sometimes we will see there is a decrease in slow sometime increases during the loading for reality and elasticity will decrease in right I want to add one more point area area under stress strain curve

give the energy stored per unit volume is stored per unit volume for metallic wire or even see the amount of energy for rubber vacancy in amount of energy stored will be the area under this for loading and unloading we will find a different light in case of metallic wire if you leave the load if you release the load at point P letters from happy I am going to release the lord then graph will get back to its original position at

the famous And this happens to the value of after is right but for rubber if I release the load at this point that we can see different area this area between loading and unloading and this statement is valid for both Kaisan for rubber and for metallic wire both or rubber for more point area enclosed by the curve that is net area area must be equal to energy stored during loading - energy energy released

energy released two condition amount of energy stored in the second part examiner is asking having machine is to be installed in a factory to absorb vibration of the machine the block of you prefer to use for this purpose and why this is a machine and rotation Padi reciprocating called there is a bad there is a motor and these violations should be transferred to the ground as of infinite vibration and we install rubber block between the machine and the group

absorbed vibration and can transfer to the ground so we have two cases kis number se is number bi and we have two different graph for stress and strain for a and b and we have to select which rubber type of should be installed between ground and machine for this purpose we need a material with less elastic for this we need a material weather elasticity so that vibrations are transferred to transfer vibration transfer vibration and from both the from

both the house we have to find out the rubber which is less elastic and we can find this drawing the slope of the tangent through which we can find out the group song diagram vacancy slope of rubber is less than slope of B is the less elastic material compared to women shoes rubber number for the transfer of financial night would you choose for a Karta admit one more thing this area is known as hysteresis

call for loading and unloading there are two different cough reasons for loading and unloading and the area between these two crackers loading and unloading and tensors ko increases the temperature increases the temperature at this time we want to find a rubber cutter in a card with doesn't want that temperature of Air which is inside the tire and area of hysteresis curve there will be a temperature and tire can explode if Virar

condition due to which temperature increases chances for explosion and to avoid this to avoid this will choose we will choose the less area area of I will choose rubber for this

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