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Two capacitors of capacitance ...

Two capacitors of capacitance `C` and `nC` are connected in parallel. A battery of emf `V` is connected across the combination. Now the battery is removed and a dielectric constant K is inserted filling the space between the plates of capacitor of capacitance C. The final potential difference across the system is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B


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hello is connected across a battery is removed and dielectric constant is inserted in the space between the plates of a capacitor of capacitance c d final potential difference across the system is used to find out the potential difference when the dielectric constant is inserted into the capacitor having capacitance C if the diagram of capacitor draw the diagram

so the batteries connected v v and two capacitor to capacitor it's a Spanish and soreness and C are connected in parallel combination ok now when the battery is remove the second case when the battery is removed the combination of the like this

ok this sea and the electric is filled with constant having constant K and this one is and see if it is total charge in the second figure when we remove the battery it will be a total charge Q is equal to charge on that is seen to be ok with the wall to the battery + and see if it a common CV it will be in plus one total charge when we remove

now if you talk about the equivalent capacitance of this connection now if you talk about the now if you talk about the evidence you balance for this figure it will be equivalent to we see that these are connected in parallel form so sequined equal to NC + KC so when the dielectric is inserted in capacitor is capacitance

e x c we can write here AC ok if it a common FC the so in bracket it will be now 4 final potential difference across the system now the final potential difference across the sister you say this is read as sweet as will be equal to you that is charged by capacitance equivalent it will be CP and + 1 / C plus

ke Sahi Avicii that are cancelled out so the answer is B X and + 1 divided by 1 + ki if the options the correct option is option to correct option if we see here it is and + 1 by 1 + ki biwi the correct option is this one we can write the correct answer is the correct answer Re

n + 1 by N + thank you

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