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Two bodies of masses m and 2m ...

Two bodies of masses `m` and `2m` are moving in same direction with speed `2v` and `v` respectively just after collision body of mass `m` come to rest and body of mass `2m` splits in two equal parts and move at `45^(@)` from initial direction of body of mass `m`. Find out speed of one part after collision


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`2sqrt(2)v``sqrt(2)v``2v`None of these

Answer : A


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hello everyone and 2m are moving in same direction with speed 2v nearest just after collision body of mass M come to rest and body of mass 2m splits into two equal parts at 45 degree from initial direction of body mass M find out of one part article is done so in this question let's say this is a body having mass M and it is moving with velocity 2v

Hindustan direction and the other bodies To Ham having velocity and moving this taxon so that I'm collagen the situation will be like this to am and after collision the body having mass and tops it was reduced to zero and the body m to split into two part is having mass is having mass M and M ok that the particle is also having mass M and will St bede's now

so well St akron for This particle will be because this is 45 degree in the cost is given is 45 degree industry 4 This particle will be B cos 45 and this one it will be read as cos 45 will be same in the circle aur bahut bahut parts ok if we apply conservation of momentum equation of momentum we can write before collision at is mass into rupee

aur body 1 and 2 MB for body to and after collision we can write for first body that is am in 20 because there will be reduced to zero for first body and for second body which is presented to we can write with discourse 45 the first part and for the second part I am B dash cos 45 if you take common name year

epitec common here I am still be read as and if you write cos 45 that is 1 by root to write one by root 2 and sem 4 the other part Vedas by root 2 then we see that this I am and December that cancelled out and it will if you solve it will be four equal to if you take LCM it will be root to and this will be 1 into 10 + 1 into that this will be to read as by root 2

now if you right for me it will be everything that two and four can be cancelled out with to speak and write read as by 2 root 2 ok so what will be read as we can write with as is equal to 2 root 2 into b-ok-cc dancer 2 Answer option first is the correct answer to route to be we can write the correct answer is the correct answer is correct

answer is 2 root 2 thank you

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