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Class 12






Dynamics Of A Particle


Two blocks of mass m and 2m ar...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`1 : `1`1 : 2``2 : 1``1 : 3`

Answer : B
Solution : In case I : `a_(1) = (F)/(3m) implies N_(1) = m a_(1) = (F)/(3)` <br> In case II : `a_(2) = (F)/(3m) implies N_(2) = 2m a_(2) = (2F)/(3)` `N_(1) : n_(2) = 1 : 1`


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hello tube of mass M and 2m are kept in contact on a smooth horizontal surface force f is applied on 21 and on small I'm reaction between two blocks in case 12 if I take these two as a by taking these two as a system you can get the common acceleration of the book in both of the cases the total mass is equals to 33 it also

because the forces total masses but the direction of acceleration in this is the small block in the keys small block in the kids reaction on the small block is acting in this Aarakshan and in this case the normal reaction will be acting towards it if I say this is that to a mass and hear the normal reaction is acting like this and if you see the acceleration of this and this the norm and acceleration is a and here it is and it is it is

no I don't like the fourth net force on the small mass is an acceleration is no network found this left so I will write this and are equal to now you can divide the to get Rishu in the question we want the normal reaction ratio increased 12 keys to increase what it is increased to it is to earn it is apple tree in 2MB by to America is equal to now you can check the option how how

is this the correct option thank you

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