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Class 12






Nta Neet Set 108


Two blocks are in contact on a...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`2 :1``1 : 3``1 : 2``3 :1`

Answer : C


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hello students today our question is two blocks are in contact on a frictionless table one has mass M and other has to m a force is applied on to mass 2m on this as shown in the figure now the same force is applied from the right on the I am so firstly we apply a force from this direction and after that this correction in two cases the ratio of the force of contact between the two blocks will be ABCD options are given as we have to find the correct option so the solution of this question is force is equal to Mars in to acceleration that is m a so we can say that force is equal to minus into acceleration and we have acceleration is force / masses 2m Plus and that is equal to

three time of M now if we apply force on person to M Marsh so and 14 season on the Mr that is why we put the force and acceleration year this will become f / 3M so this and this will cancel out so this is post / read this is our and Manforce now we have the if we apply from the right hand side if we apply for Shaun Marsh so and 2 is equal to Mars in to acceleration this will become the force will be active in the and two masses and 2

electron to Mr so now we get and 2 is equal to 2 time of mass and acceleration is force / 3M so Eminem cancel out so we get and to force is equal to 2 x divided by 3 and if it take the ratio as we have and 1 / and 24 / 3 analysis to timer for / 3 force and force will cancel out so we get the ratio is this will become 1 divided by 3 and this is 2333 cancel out so we get 1 divided by 2 or we can say that 1 ratio 2 so this is the answer for this question now we check which option is correct or efficiency is correct thank you

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