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Two block of masses `m =5kg and M =10kg` are connected by a string passing over a pulley `B` as shown. Another string connect the center of pulley `B` to the floor and passes over another pulley `A` as shown. An upwards force `F` is applied at the center of pulley `A`. Both the pulleys are massless. <br> Find the acceleration of block `m` and `M`, if `F` is <br> (a) `100N` <br> `(b)300N` <br> `(c)500N(Take g = 10m//s^(2))` <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/DCP_V01_C08_S01_047_Q01.png" width="80%">

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Solution :
Let `T_(0) =` tension in the string passing over `A` <br> `T =` tension in the string passing over `B` <br> `2T_(0) =F` and `2T =T_(0)` <br> :. `T =F//4` <br> (a) `T =F//4 =25N` <br> weight of block are `mg =50N` <br> `mg =100N` <br> As `T lt mg ` and `Mg` both the block will remain stationary on the floor. <br> (b)`T =F//4 =75N` <br> As `T lt mg ` and `T gt mg,M` will remain stationary on the floor,whereas`m` will move. <br> Acceleration of `m` <br> `a =(T-mg)/(m) = (75-50)/(5)` <br> `= 5m//s^(2)` <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/DCP_V01_C08_S01_047_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> (c) `T=F//4 =125N` <br> As `T gt mg `and `Mg` both the block will accelerate upwards <br> Acceleration of`m`, <br> `a =(T-mg)/(m) = (125-50)/(5)= 15m//s^(2)` <br> Acceleration of`M`, <br> `a =(T-Mg)/(M) = (125-100)/(10)= 2.5m//s^(2)`


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masses 5 kg and capital M = 10 kg are connected by a string passing over the centre of the floor as shown in applied at the centre of action of block capital as 110 metre per second square and a force acting here because of the course let's say we have the tension in the string and display of the

the divided into this will be upon the capital capital of the value of acting on this blog will be now let calculate the four life force is nothing but flight for attention apply pension from

tension in F1 to get the first part in the first part of force of hundred of action and respond to that if the value of 50 Newton focus on block unblock capital M in capital and applied tension in capital and body under 200

value of tan 15 value of pension is your 1500 in opposite direction now there is a normal force acting on the what will be the value of the normal force acting on the block will be calling and value and 1st Block is the block is not moving with acceleration of the block will be the acceleration due to capital and capital as capital

lost their acceleration of the Block with mass Mall tension is also blocked because you see the force applied force update for windows block B

section 25 Newton and their total value of any one is nothing but acceleration will always be view this is coming because block is connected with G S S block moreland attention for the person whose value is 25 due to its value is 25 Newton normal for quality and attention to the normal and I can say and do is 25

action of the only accelerate only when the normal reaction with an acceleration of block will not be in contact with this is the contact now reaction will become zero find some very this is about first one second in the second round of four given to us a value tension so hir attention is 150 account 275 Newton I am concerned is capital of

the way when you let me call value of n is equal to 75 + and one contact contact the block is not and the acceleration in this case is also referred for 25 Newton Newton

there will be the acceleration in the upward direction b75 Newton ma of the body of the body is given to show the value of acceleration is S in case the Block with mask small M will move in a speed of acceleration of last date in the last of the value of tension is 215

Block with capital and capital name the tension of two value will 125 Newton force 125 Newton - hundred Newton on the weight of the body of the body the mass of the body even to assist 10kg and this value will be point 5 metre per second square small boy body with this case also we have a weight acting download witcher 50 Newton pulling Force One

25 years and acceleration in the upward direction the value of 125 - 50 Newton divided by 5 kg 25 by

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