Two balls of different masses are thrown vertically upward with same initial velocity. Height attained by them are `h_1 and h_2` respectively. What is `h_1//h_2` ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
`1//1 `because the height attained by the projectile does not depends on the masses


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11 question the question says two balls of different masses are thrown vertically upward with initial velocity attained by the Denmark H1 and H2 what is H1 H2 latest census mass M1 and this is mass entry right of different masses that won with same vertical apart with initial velocity said that it has been on it for a new thread so the height reached is H1 on this end for this it is H2 rights according to this when it reaches its maximum height the velocity will be zero at the final velocity is zero for both both the cases will have V square to be equal to square + 2 k s that is the equation of motion first case 20 50 that is equal to

use square - 2 g h writes the acceleration in both cases minus b minus 2 X 1 from here at square by to write in second case we have 0 = in use square - 2 gh2 from here it's too would be equal to square by 2G night what we can write as we can this H1 H2 equal to square B square minus 1 by 1 ratio is one is to what this means that the highest does not depend on thank you

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