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Torricelli's barometer used mercury. Pascal duplicated it using French wine of density 984kgm3. Determine the height of the wine column for normal atmospheric pressure.



hello friends become strangers question it is given that mercury is used for tonsil is barometer ok and then Pascal duplicated it using French wine that is Pascal what is a particle testing with French wine and French wine has a density of 94 kg per metre cube per hour to determine the height of white wine colour for normal atmospheric pressure case so first of all that say that this is a parameter and for normal ATM latest for one atmospheric pressure the height of column for mercury barometer is 76 CM
engine is what can we say the mercury is imported from this parameter and French wine let se now friends wine is field intensity of French wine is given as 984 per metre cube to KG per metre cube to find height at 1 ATM that one atmospheric pressure and we know that excess pressure excess pressure over column is equal to Roji latest density of the liquid in 2015 to height of the column ok now for Mercury density of mercury is it
12 13 point 6 into 10 to the power 3 kg per metre cube for this case we can say that therefore it is recommended that density of Mercury and 2012 height of Mercury column and that will be equal to density of French wine aw into 3 into height of wine column 176 cm height of Mercury column will be equal to 70 6.76 metre and will get hired for wine colour will be equal to density of Mercury into height of
Mercury column density of why Ok from here will get height of one column will be equal to the city of that is 13.6 into 10 to the power 3 kg per metre cube into height of Mercury column that is point 76 upon density of wind that is 984 kg latest 934 antigen top 5 M from Calicut the height as 10.5 M will be the height of wine colour


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