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Jee Mains 2020


To raise the temperature of a...

To raise the temperature of a certain mass of gas by `50^(@)C` at a constant pressure , 160 calories of heat is required . When the sam mass of gas is cooled by `100^(@)C` at constant volume 240 calories of heat is released . How many degrees of freedom does each molecule of this gas have (assume gas to be ideal) ?

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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hello everyone to raise the temperature of a certain mass of gas by 50 degree Celsius at constant pressure 160 cal of heat required when the same mass of a gas is cooled by hundred degree Celsius at constant volume to 50 cal of heat is released your to find out the degree of freedom for that gas if you see initially the heat was added a required to increase the temperature by 50 degree Celsius was 60 so if I write Q is equals to M CP Delta T M T is the heat added and it is given that 160 and an and CP and Delta T is given in the question that

census this will be the expression now in the second line it is a gas is cooled by 100 degree Celsius so if expressions in at constant volume it is said right now I will write and CV Delta T date so here are the heat it is it is given that released heat is 240 rate so I will write 240 and TV and Delta T is hundred Sudheer to equation equation 1 and equation to rate and we want the degree of freedom of expression that I will write equation 1 / question to will be equals to 160 by 240 is equals to CP by CV

I will write 50 and 100 this will be cancelled by 2 and this will be 2 by 3 the CP by CV ratio is equals to 4 by 3 series Gama which is equals to 1 + 2 b f rate and it is equals to 4 by 3 you can also understand livescore CV is equals to a 2 hour and the CP is equals to 1 by 2 h + are so if you will divide the two then you will get this as oneplus 2 bi f is equals to 4 by 3 it is now I will need to buy a fish cost 24 by 3 minus one that is this so from here you will get the f is equals to 6 and this will be our answer simple now you can see the options to the correct option hair will be thank you

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