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Daily Practice Problems


Three weights are hanging over...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D
Solution : `a=((5-4)/(5+4))g=(g)/(9)` <br> `T-mg=ma` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `T=m(g+a)` <br> `=1(g+(g)/(9))=(10g)/(9)`


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all friends question is given year 3 weight are hanging over a smooth fixed Pulley as shown in the figure what is the tension in the string connecting with v and C we have to find the tension in string B and C ok so first we will calculate the net acceleration so so here are 5 kg block in left ear in left side and total 4 kg block in right side Sonet acceleration will be as you in this direction downward ok sorry let's assume here ok net acceleration in downward side ok so acceleration a is equal to be no net force upon net mass ok so acceleration a is equal to the net force is how much year for 5 kg this will be 5G and 43 and 44 kg

total how much 4G weight will be there for this 3 kg is 3G weight and for 1 kg Block 1 G will be there OK so acceleration a is equal to this is how much here if this is coming down what so this will go up to 8 ok so this will be 5G this 5 kg block is coming down work so this entire block in right side 1kg and 2kg will go upward ok so acceleration is equal to how much 5G -3 G plus one that is equal to 4G upon total mass is how much 5 + 3 + 1 that is equal to how much ji upon 5 + 38 + 19 ok acceleration is equal to ji by 9 metre per second square ok this is the value of acceleration

we have to calculate the tension ok source for this year FD of on C Block ok so tension is here t ok and weight is a how much 1g and acceleration is going upward ok so now write the equation for this C Block 1 kg block ok so this will be how much t minus 1 GB is equal to M into a acceleration so tension t is equal to minus 1 into acceleration is how much ji upon 9 - how much ji ok sorry this value plus plus ji ok so tension t is equal to how much ji upon 9 + ji ok so it is equal to how much take 9as LCM so this will be

G+ 9g this will be ji class 9 ji ok so tension t is equal to how much 10 g upon 9 that is equal to 10 upon 9g attention will be how much then upon 90 ok so this will be the answer thank you

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