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Electrical Measuring Instruments


Three voltmeters are connected...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`V_(1)` increases`V_(1)` decreases`V_(2)` and `V_(3)` both increasesOne of `V_(2)` and V_(3)` increases and other decreases.

Answer : C
Solution : Initially, when swich is open, `V_(2)` and `V_(3)` will be out of circuit <br> or they are short-circuied. So no potential difference is across <br> V_(2)` and `V_(3)`. On closing the swich, all three voltmeters will be on parallel. Now, three is same potential difference across `V_(2)` and `V_(3)`. So potential difference across `V_(2)` and `V_(3)` increases and potential difference across `V_(1)` remains the same.


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3 volt M are connected as shown in figure a potential metre or potential difference has been applied between A and B on closing the switch the reading of voltmeter will be so there are three V M V1 V2 and V3 and considered we are going to connect a battery of voltage V across A and B according to the given according to the given question OK so the EMF of this battery is v v to potential difference applied across a and b is it ok to find the change in the reading of the v m to vvk are considered to cases to first case first age before closing switch so before closing closing switch let's talk about the reading of voltmeter to first of all this

the salowar ER will be a so this this point will be to this point will also be and this point is considered letter considered as she so as we have potential across ab is v v v proven is between A and B so we one is between a and b is to be one will be also equals to v b and b a b is equals to B equals to be ok now let's talk about v203h V2 and V3 both are connected between the same point B and C to V2 and V3 will be equal to zero V2 and V3 will be = 20 now let's close the switch ok to if we are going to close the switch for second situation so if you are going to close the switch to after after closing

the switch ok to this this this node is termed as a this since this is a short-circuit so this will be also a this will be and this will be also be and this is short circuit ok we can say that this will be also be now V1 and V2 and V3 all are in between A and B to this will be calls to potential difference across a b and that will be equals to be so we can see that the potential of V1 was initially be and it is also also be that meets the reading of voltmeter B1 VISA will remain same to be one increases and Vivo V1 decreases will be wrong ok now let's talk about B2 and B3 initially V2 and V3 was zero V ok and now V2 and V3 is v v to we can say that V2 and V3 will both increases so

option she will be correct answer one of V2 and V3 increases and other decreases no both will increases ok to option C is only the correct answer of this problem thank you

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