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Class 10






Current Electricity


Three heaters each rated *250 ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `7.5 A`

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heater is rated as 150 words and hundred volt are connected in parallel combination 200 to calculate the total current taken from the supply circuit diagram all of this three are treated as and hundred and supply voltage is hundred words we have to calculate the total current

let's taken from the supply to calculate the resistance of the heater of resistance R and calculated by voltage rating power rating voltage is 100 volts

so greeting Quad voltages 100 volts and power rating is 250 so registered comes out to be 40% all of these heaters are identical therefore each of the heater will have a resistance of 40 now latest calculate the equivalent of the resistance are connected in parallel one upon

are equivalent will be won by 40 + 1 by 40 + 1 by 42 are equivalent equal 43b easily calculated as Ohm's law V = implies that I current will be close to the voltage on are equivalent of the voltage is given as hundred volt and articulate be calculated at 40 by 30 Current I will be hundred in 23 by

this comes out to be 7.5 a 7.5 a thank you for watching

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