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Class 10






Current Electricity


Three heaters each rated *250 ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `40 ` ohm

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today we have great 3 heater is rated 250 watt 100 volt are connected in parallel to 100 volt supply calculate the resident of it so I had already made the diagram so i m m m m r s so you know date is given by equal to be where b is voltage is current of this device so also be noted from Ohm's law know that I call to we are a put value of I will get V square by R

calculator put this all again we will get this kind of value so if we have to calculate are so we have added value of p Whatsapp this is given in the question that old power rating is 250 watt and voltages hundred got so we know that the power rating is same for all three heater and voltage across three does also same which is hundred resistance will be resistance R1 equal to or two equal to AC equal to which is equal to 20 square by P value of B is 100 square means hundred 202p power is

250 soul we will get 40 ohm 40 ohm is our answer thank you

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