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Class 10






Current Electricity


Three heaters each rated *250 ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `3.75 ` kWh

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question is treated at St w 100 connected in parallel combination 200 energy supplied in kilowatt hour 3 litre in duration of five of the geysers a n d voltage rating the resistance will be V square by

100 volts and power is 250 words we get 42 the resistance of each letter will be 42 the energy supplied are connected in the circuit diagram will look like each of their resistance is 40 ohm connected to now the equivalent resistance for this circuit diagram will be 40 by

why because they are connected in parallel now energy consumed will be given by v square upon our equivalent into time now b square is given to be hundred words are equivalent be calculated as 40 into time is given to be 5 hours in 5

solving this we get energy to be 3750 what are you question Dehat older calculate the energy in kilowatt hour to convert water into kilowatt hour is simply divide this by 1000 energy in KW 3750 into 10 to the power minus 3 this will be 3.75 kilowatt hour thank you

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