Three discs, A, B and C having radii 2m, 4m and6m respectively are coated with carbon black on their outer surfaces. The wavelengths corresponding to maximum intensity are `300nm, 400nm` and `500 nm`, respectively. The power radiated by them are `Q_A, Q_B and Q_C` respectively <br> (a) `Q_A` is maximum (b) `Q_B` is maximum (c) `Q_C` is maximum (d) `Q_A = Q_B = Q_C`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :
Solution :
(b) `Q prop AT^4 and lambda_mT= constant.` <br> Hence, <br> `Q prop A/(lambda_m)^4 or Q prop (r^2)/(lambda_m)^4` <br> `Q_A:Q_B:Q_C = (2)^2/(3)^4:(4)^2/(4)^4: (6)^2/(5)^4 = 4/81 : 1/16 : 36/625 = 0.05 : 0.0625 : 0.0576` <br> i.e.`Q_B` is maximum.


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hello we are giving me the question in the question says 3 in a b c having radii 246 respectively are coated with black on the outer surface the wavelength corresponding to maximum intensity at this the Power radiated by them are QA QA and QC so this is a multiple choice questions what is the correct answer since to is proportional to 80824 sorry area temperature is 24 and we also know that in the maximum into it is constant right so from this we get that is proportional to area of a and b 24 night so when we find a store qb is to QC we get that value to be areas to buy

the hundred factor gets cancelled on each and every side square is the area right radius square is the areas proportionality London square is 3 to 4 is to Four Square upon 4 is to 4 is to 6 square upon 5 raise to 4 to this turns out to be formed by 81 is to 1 by 16 is 236 by 625 and we can see that she would be give me the maximum maximum me is correct UV is maximum option thank you

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