There is a constant homogeneous electric field of 100 Vm^-1 within the region x=0 and x=0.167 m pointing in x-direction. There is a constant homogeneous mangetic field B within the region x=0.167 m and x=0.334 m pointing in the z-direction. A proton at rest at the origin is released in positive x-direction. Find the minimum strength of the magnetic field B, so that the proton is detected back at x=0, y=0.167 m. (mass of proton = 1.67 xx 10^(-27) kg)



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Updated On: 24-5-2021

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First of all the proton is accelerated in the electric field. <br> Then it enters in magnetic field and describes a circular path. After that it leaves the magnetic field and describes a circular path. <br> After that it leaves the magnetic field in negative direction. Its <br> motion is retarded in electric field. Finally, it strikes y-axis at <br> the same distance 0.167m. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/BMS_V05_C01_S01_054_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> Let us first calculate the velocity of the proton when it entres in <br> magnetic field after traversing in electric field. <br> Force acting on proton in electric field =eE <br> `:.` Acceleration of proton `a=((eE)/m)` <br> Using the formula `v^2+u^2=2as`, we have <br> `v^2=2((eE)/m)s=2((eE)/m) (0.167)....(i)` <br> Now consider the motion in magnetic field. The proton describes <br> a circular path of radius `(AC//2)`. <br> Hence, `(mv^2)/r=evB or B=(mv)/(er)....(ii)` <br> `:. B=m/(e(0.1667//2))xxsqrt([(2eE)/m(0.167)])` <br> `=2sqrt(((2m)/(e)xxE/(0.167)))=2sqrt([(2(2.67xx10^-27)(100))/(1.6xx10^(-19)(0.167))])` <br> `=(10^-2)/sqrt2=7.07xx10^-3T`

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