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There are four concentric shel...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D
Solution : <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Let Q charge comes on shell C from earth. Then `V_C=0` <br> :. `(kq)/(3a)+(kQ)/(3a)-(kq)/(4a)=0` <br> Solving we get <br> `Q=-q/4` <br> Now `V_A=(kq)/(2a)-((kq)//4)/(3a)-(kq)/(4)=(kq)/(6a)` <br> `=V_C=0` <br> `:. V_A-V_C=(kq)/(6a)`

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hello everyone there are four concentric shells ABCD of radii is Shelby and the are having charge + q and minus Q respectively now she is earth to find out the potential difference sirf UC B and e are having this charges and C is now it's what if that is the sea is earth so it get a charge Q 3 from the earth to get from the Earth now if I talked about the potential of a is not having any charge write it will be having the potential because of BCD so I will write a cube b cube in division I will let the radius of be that is this and Plus ke QC that is the charge on C / radius of c

and then charge of DS this so I will put a negative sign in and I will write four this will be the potential of so let me write the negative sign here now if I talk about the potential of B Sobi is inside the end date and there is no charge on a so the potential of B will be same as that of a right I will write ke inside the cell so it will be having this much potential inside the Re now the potential of C is if you see this c square is outside the selby so I will write kq by 3

and because of its own charge and it is inside the day she will be zero since it is earth right it is given in the question potential is c02 just make it did 0 and solve it so if you multiply it by it too well and you can cancel out this ke KVA and multiply it with 12 so you will get 4q + 4 - 3 = 20 so from here you will get the value of you see as if you see you will get for QC + Q scores 2020 will be minus Q by

now we want the potential difference between a and c we got the potential of sea put the value of to see here that is minus Q before so if I put the value here so I will write if you see I will try to be a is equals to take you by 2 minus kq by 12 4 into 32 - kq by 48 so if i x 12 and I take this if you buy it if i x 12 it will be 12826 12121 12543 in division to well so I will get the potential of

schools to it will be kq by 6 ke so now we want the potential difference between a and c so I will it be a minus b c v serial lady no is zero so it will be a cube by 6 8 and 10 will be the answer of this question simple thank you

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