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The time period of a simple pe...

The time period of a simple pendulum in air is `T`. Now the pendulum is submerged in a liquid of density `(rho)/(16)` where `rho` is density of the bob of the pendulum. The new time period of oscillation is.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A


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hello everyone let's Tata question question that time period of a simple pendulum in your is now that a pendulum is submit a liquid of who is the density of a pendulum time period of oscillation is 4224 under 450 Randa 15 by 40 and root 3 by 3 so if you right time period for pendulum it will be equal to 2 by to render a so when we so much pendulum in liquid new time period will be read equal to 2

l am in liquid will not change and discounted did you time it will be only due to gravity do we need to find out the lead us so we know that G is equal to weight if you see in let's see when the Bobby some machine liquid so what are the force acting on it the one force will be acting Dan word daddy's the weight at is MG ok and is upward force

force ok you to liquid on the bob and it will be aap let se so is going down because the density of more than liquid so then it will be net force will be MG - app ok so what we can write a review to write that mass in the form of density we know the answer is equal to call you so we can write today mass volume and density and this we can write the density of the work Bob is the liquid density

Robi 16 and the density of Barbies RO for the force exerted by liquid can be written as row bhi intro by 16 into ji ok now now you to calculate M so it was the formula is equal to dash equal to for the new gravity and gravitational force when the pendulum is so much liquid it will be read as and that will be equal to act net you are this is the resultant force acting on the body and is going down because the setting for more was downward ok /

Suno if you put the value of net that is v-row G - be revised 16 in Trichy / mass and what is the Mass Mass again we can write mass in terms of density that is we into row so here we see that go into we can be cancelled out and what will be left G -1 by 16 which can be written as 15g by 16 find the time period as if right it has a sequel to 25 under so what we found the Judas

will be 15g by 16 when it the system will go up now if you take out the 64 and there will be root 15 what will this into Rupa underwear and this part is nothing but the time period of Pendulum when it was in the year we can replace it I Ti aur bhai root 15 into 8 lesson we got the new templates for PPT

correct answer is 40 50 we can write correct answer 4 by root 15 thank you