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Calorimetry And Thermal Expansion


The temperature of equal masse...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : <img src="" width="80%"> <br> when `A` and `B` are mixed <br> `mS_(1) xx (13 -10) = m xx S_(2) xx (15 -13)` <br> `3S_(1) = 2S_(2) ….(1)` <br> when `B` and `C` are mixed <br> `S_(2) xx1 = S_(3) xx4 ….(2)` <br> when `C` and `A` are mixed <br> `S_(1)(theta - 10) = S_(3) xx (20 - theta) ....(3)` <br> by using equation (1),(2) and (3) <br> we get `theta = (140)/(11).^(@)C`

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the question is the temperature of equal masses of three different liquids that is a b and c are 10 degree centigrade and 20 degree centigrade respectively the temperature when A and B are mixed is 13 and when be and make it is 3 degree centigrade what will be the temperature when mixed in the question they are saying there are liquids that is a b and the temperature of a and b is given as 12 degree centigrade 19 and 20 centigrade and mass of these liquids are same suppose I'm that the question we are saying that they made a

B and after making the temperature is make the temperature is 16 degree centigrade similarly when a b and c the temperature is 23 degrees centigrade question asking that what will be the temperature when a and c are ok so when I made a and b is change in energy of a as well as B and distortion energy in a is equal to the change in energy in the bar because we know that energy is always concerned or other words I can say that it is neither created nor a lost so change in in Trichy of a is equal to the change in energy I can write this change of energy of

supposes and specific heat of a is a Delta T = 2 mass is same for a and b c b suppose specific heat of The Delta temperature is given in the codes given in the question that is initial and final temperature to see a 16 temperature 16 initial is 12 = MCB temperature is 1916 After 16 days and it is 4C a = 23 CB know the value of Ch 3 by 4 this is my equation 1 when I made A and B are not the question they are Singh

in that case the energy of be of b is equal to the change in energy equal to the change in energy of so I can ride for be MCB Delta 3 Greater Noida temperature 2319 equals to m.c.c. specific heat of sea and temperature different is 28 - 23 temperature - initial temperature and cut c b equals to 5 CC and going to put in the put the value of this CP CV = 25 by 4 CC suppose

this is my equation S no in the question they are saying that now they makes a and c to put this value of CV in equation 1 ok but the value of CP value of TB in equation 1 what will have my CA equals to 3 by 4 value of TV 5 by 4 PC Suite is like 15 by 16 CC this is the value of CA now we are going to makes d a n c and we have to tell the temperature now we are going to mixi and so the delta

is equal to delta delta temperature is not known we have to find out the temperature -12 equals to see a 28 temperatures 28 no I am sorry this is for a and this is for just a minute cooking temperature of series 28 I can ride like this it ok to temperature difference in C is 28 - 3 and temperature difference in a 12th

so now I have not putting the value of witches cc-28 - = 216 cancel out now simply find the equation finally I have the value of temperature after mixing the sea and a is equal to the 20 point 26 degree centigrade this is the temperature of mixture when we add a

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