The speed of sound in air at `0^@`C is nearly :

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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`1450 ms^(-1)``450 ms^(-1)``5100 ms^(-1)``330ms^(-1)`

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so today question the of town in degree celsius in nearly the speed of sound in air at 1 Degree Celsius the speed of sound is the net distance travel per time is the speed of sound changes with temperature humidity and the characteristics of the medium through which the sound is property that speed of sound speed found very is what changes with temperature changes which temperature wheat

temperature and humidity humidity ok so that the speed increases by 0.6 metre per second for every degree Celsius guide so I can write here that speeding 306 2nd for every degree Celsius increasing temperature found in ideal gas depends only on the temperature with the cheat of a straight in the speed of sound also varies that if the medium change if medium change is medium change 10

speed defined also very slow speed aap sound also changes ok kind two sons typically travel the fastest in the solid as we know that as we know that sound travel fastest In The Scholars and disclosed in the gas two guys start travel more slowly slowly in gases faster in liquid and more faster stills install it's ok as well as solid this is solid matter to Kanpur travel faster in that can we have this glass of water sound travelled slow in that and then we have this year particle so

sound will travel more slower in this as compared to liquid that the speed of sound is about if guys if speed of sound in air 343 343 M per setting air in ok so at zero degree celsius the speed of sound is about 3:30 so 330 metre per second zero degree because this is the ocean water

this is ocean water and add the winter season and the winter season it start raising its upper layer start preparing its upper your start reading guide so what will happen here the temperature sulu sulu the temperature increased so the kinetic energy increases and faster than temperature decreases so what happened the sound will take time to travel a person standing here and here and this is that if time is five second to hear the time will be 10 seconds why because it is cold kiss hot please show him the kinetic energy move

faster or vibrate the molecules faster with as increased the kinetic energy will vibrate the molecules of water of the solid which is written on the top is at a low level two guys here we have answer at zero degree celsius the temperature will be 3:30 metre per second I hope now you understand so thank you guys

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