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Class 12






Alternating Current


The series and parallel circui...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : N//A
Solution : <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Impedance, `Z=sqrt(R^(2)+X^(2))=5Omega` <br> Power factor, `cosphi=R/Z = 3/5rArr phi=cos^(-1)(0,6)` <br> `rArr tanphi=X/R = 4/3` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Now, we have, `(I_(R))_(L) = V_(0)/R_(1), (I_(X1))_(0) = V_(0)/X_(1)` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `I_(0) = (sqrt((I_(R_(1)))^(2)+(I_(X_(1)))_(0)^(2))=sqrt((V_(0)/R_(1))^(2)+(V_(0)/X_(1))^(2))` <br> `rArr V_(0)/Z = V_(0)sqrt(1/R_(1)^(2)+1/X_(1)^(2)) rArr Z=1/sqrt(1/R_(1)^(2)+1/X_(1)^(2))=5` <br> `tanphi^(')=(I_(X_(L)))_(0)/((I_(R_(1)))_(0))=(V_(0)//X_(1))/(V_(0)//R_(1))=R_(1)/X_(1)=tanphi = 4/3` <br> Putting `X_(1)= 3/4R_(1)` in Eq. (i) <br> `rArr 1/R^(2) + 1/(3/4R_(1))^(2)=1/5^(2)` <br> `rArr 1/R_(1)^(2)(1+16/9) = 1/25 = 1/R^(2)=9/(25)^(2)` <br> `rArr R_(1) = 25/3Omega` <br> `rArr X_(1)=3/4R_(1)=25/4Omega`

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the series and parallel circuits shown in the figure out how the same impedance and same power factor is Rs equal to crew and accessible 4 ohm find the value of R1 and explain the influence and now we have given and Secure be inserted we have a and so that both have same impedance and say that we have is equal to that b is equal to 3 and 5 of a is equal to cos 5 of 30 km per hour is equal to 3 and x is equal to the former it is equal to under root

bus Excel values we get please square + 4 square under root it is equal to now we have 10 physical 2xl / by substituting the values we get by circuit to be have the importance as 1 byte is equal to 1 by R square + 1 by X elsewhere we have done 5 is equal to 5 and we have our 1 / so this is equal to a b is equal to 4 bye have X 1 is equal to 3 are divided by us in this question we get one by x is equal to 1

+ 1 / Sia the numerator Z value is it is 1 by 25 is equal to we can take one by inside outside it is 1 by X out - 1 + cos square is 63 square is 9 find this we get one by Arif 125 I have R1 is equal to under root 25 25 / 9 which is equal to 5 by 3 and resistance of the circuit bd51 by substituting this value in excel by 4 is equal to

free into 25 by 25 bike how to find out the power factor is equal to 1 by 3 and this is opposite side that is 4 and uses and side that is 35 we have 510 as we have the power factor caused by is equal to 3 by

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