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Class 12






Mock Test 9


The recoil energy of a hydroge...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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the required energy of hydrogen atom after it emits a photon in going from n equal to 5 state to n equal to 1 state is equal to mass of hydrogen atom are equal to read books constant H equal to Planck's Constant we know that require energy of atom is a result of the interaction of an atom with an energetic elementary particle when the momentum of the interacting particles transfer to the atomizer whole without altering non translational degrees of freedom of the atom it is really want a phenomenal and the formula of require energy of atom is equal to p square by the momentum is the mass and is the required in taking this equation is first equation and Momentum are equal to sin to see where f is the frequency

she is the speed of light and H is the Planck's Constant and we know that if equal to C / Lambda Lambda is the wavelength or we can write one equal to 50 se so Momentum are equal to reach into X camera according to question of photon is going from state to state that wavelength when photobombing goes from one state to another state won by Lambda is equal to R into a square minus 1 divided into square where are you read

constant taking this n equal to 1 as a n and n equal to 5 as a into someone while a equal to R into 1 divided by 1 square minus 15 square after solving this we get 24 25 Nov putting this one will ever in momentum we get equal to 24 hour into HD 25 putting this Momentum in equation 1 require energy of hydrogen atom is equal to 24 into RS 25 square into

1 divided by 2 this is the answer require energy of hydrogen atom when it goes from state to state and the correct option is option C 24 Rs divided by 25 whole square into one by two

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