The ration of spectific charge ( e//m) of a proton to that of an alpha-particle is :

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`1:4 ` `1 : 2 ` `4 : 1 ` `2 : 1`

Answer :


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hello friends the problem is the ratio of specific charge of a Proton to that of them Alpha particle is ok so we have to find the ratio of specific charge so what is specific charge specific charge that is charged on particle upon mass of the particle ok so we have to calculate specific charge of P that is specific charge of proton and specific charge of Alpha particle ok so that will be keep that is charge on proton mass of proton upon charge on Alpha particle of mass of Alpha particle so now we know that charge on Alpha particle is equal to twice of charge on proton ok because it has two protons and the mass of Alpha particle is 4 time of mass of proton

ok to put in the values we will be getting by putting the values in the situation we will be getting EP upon MP ok upon 2 EP 14 MP ok solving this we will be getting one upon Month sorry main open one upon to account for ok that will give us to upon one that means the ratio SP upon Alpha is equal to 2.1 that is 2 ratio 1 ok so which option is correct option option for is the correct option ok thank you for watching

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