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The ratio of kinetic energy ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C

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hello friend which are question the ratio of kinetic energy of a Planet at directly and a foggy during its motion around the sun in an elliptical orbit of a Centre city is so first will know about what is it is dentistry in central city is the how much Akon extraction in which we can consider a circle ellipse parabola hyperbola wearing from its being circular so in this question we have to tell the ratio of kinetic energy between Turkey and a porgi so let's start this problem so that starting problem first BGM age

semi major axis and is H is centricity centricity and distance of Apple gi this is represented by R is equal to a bracket 1 + 3 where is our time is right and Centre city and

distance of parigi exhibition represented by our and this is equal to a 1 - so4 calculate the ratio of kinetic energy we use the derivation of momentum so right here the same thing by using conservation of momentum so account to conservation of momentum MB equal to mvr so right here is the same thing

MV a into a will be equal to MVP into RP so m2m will be cancel and we will reduce this equation and we will get MI A1 BP will be equal to RPF on our and we call it equation 1 so now we will divide the kinetic energy of a foggy to Paragon so

kinetic energy of / kinetic energy of that is KP so will write the formula energy half a square so half m v square divided by aap m v p square so half and half family cancel on and it is reduced to be a square b square and this is also equal to be r p square upon R

square so this is right here using value of H and R P and equation one we will get kinetic energy of a kinetic energy be so it is equal to 1 minus A square divided by 1 + square so this is our final answer and if we talk about the option part so

the option force one is that one thank you

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