The radius of a circle is measured to be (10.8±0.3)m. Calcualte the area of the circle.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

The correct Answer is (366.6±13.6)m2
Area =A+ΔA.A=125×75=9375=9375cm2,ΔA/a=Δl/l+Δb/b=(0.4/125)+(0.5/75)
ΔA/a=92.5/9375,ΔA=92.5, Area =(9375±92.5)cm2


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send questioning the radius of circle is measured to be and pointed plus minus 0.3 calculate the area of circle and as you know that area of circle is fine art square so we can calculate the area which will be 22 by 7 and R is 10.8 square practice simplification we will get 36.5 and level round of the cricket rounding off then it will be 36 6.6 M flag and from the formula it is clear that a letter in over a will be equal to 2 tentha are over are now we can put the values as
delta H is 0.3 and R is 10.8 then it will be equal to 0.055 now we can find out the value of delta and delta delta 1 INR equal to 0.0 55128 now it will be equal to 1 and put the value of 0.05 5 in 236 6.6 song Dil De Kol Tu 20.3 6 how they will download up to 11 place of decimal and living round of this and this
51.4 area will be area will be equal to 36 6.6 plus minus 24.4 m this is the answer of the question thank you friend

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