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Electric Potential


The potential in the electric ...

The potential in the electric field varies as `V = -a x^2 + b` with respect to x - coordinate, where a and b are constants. Find the charge density `rho (x)` in a space.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : The electric field E is present along x - axis because <br> `(del V)/(del y) = (del V)/(del z) = 0` <br> Then, `vec E = -(del V)/(del x) hat i = 2 a x hat i` …(i) <br> According to Gauss's law, the net flux of `vec E` out of the cubical Gaussion surface is <br> `E (x + d x) A - E (x) A = (delta q)/(epsilon_0)` <br> or `(del E)/(del x). A delta x = (delta q)/(epsilon_0)` <br> or `(del E)/(del x) = (1)/(epsilon_0) ((delta q)/(A delta x)) = (rho (x))/(epsilon_0)`...(ii) <br> Using Eqs. (i) and (ii), <br> `(delta)/(delta x) (2 a x) hat i = (rho (x))/(epsilon_0)` <br> or `rho (x) = 2a epsilon_0`.


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