The potential difference between the points A and B in the following circuit shown in the figure:-


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Sakhi Saheli nice question it is given that the potential difference between the points A and B in the following circuit shown in the figure is so here we need to find out the potential difference between the points A and B if you look into this figure so this is a point a and this is a point P of the circuit and in between that we have resources like fire on Swayam Swayam sister firearms father sister sirf I am so lonely but we have a supply of voltage with to tell which is placed in between the other circuit sorry CD rate of the circuit as shown after simplifying this are main circuit will be getting this circuit and the resistance values after simplifying will be this will be if I homes and this will become 10 hours because I have a lot of the receptors which are in 5 x 5 + 5 will become 10 OZ only so and here we have three on session sine die here also I have added two resistors so which gives rise to
responsibility of 10 ohms for me ok so from the given figure we can easily find that the result and result tense of the air circuit result and EMF result and Oracle and of the circuit so we will try to 1 / are equal and will be equals to 1 by 5 + 1 by 15 + 1 by 15 so that will be equal to 2 / 15 and Dada are equivalent value will be equal to 15 / 2 ohms ok so this is the value of Poland and we can also find out the current value from this so I value will be equal to 4 / 5 so have I have written this forms the basis of Ohm's Law only the current of 1 divided by 15 is a passing through the circuit so by using the future of law a kitchen floor plan so I am
making loop in the circuit from t r b s u b s ok so from this part of the circuit will write divalrate I 1 of 10 pleasure I 1 of 5 - 2 will be = 20 and we will get the value of 51 as a 2 / 15 amps and on the current through the a few will be my current I flows through a p q can be written as important - 1 - I will be equal to 4 / 15 - 4 / 15 - 2 / 15 MB equals to 2
/ 15 amps so this is the value of current through the potential at point a is given as a v a l will be equals to main to according to the Ohm's law only so I'll be getting to divided by 15 X with 5 so that will be equals to 2 / 3 holes ok aainda potential at point B can be written as we will be equals to into our so that will be equal to 2 / 15 by 15 x tenso will be getting 4 / 3 holes as a potential at point B is a potential difference between BA and the we can be written as for divided by 3 minus 23 so that will be equal to 2 divided by 3 is the correct answer for this question thank you

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