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Class 12






Mock Test 03


The position of a particle alo...

The position of a particle along x-axis at time t is given by `x=1 + t-t^2`. The distance travelled by the particle in first 2 seconds is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

1 m2 m2.5 m3 m

Answer : C


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the position of a particle along x-axis at time T is given by x is equal to 1 + 3 - 30 12 the distance travelled by the particle in first 2 seconds is so it is talking about the distance covered in not displacement and from this equation and we can find position but not the distance of a particle is moving in a straight line A particle is moving in a straight line then there's the distance covered will be equal to the displacement and we can use the formula but in case that at first goes to some extent it goes to write and then it suddenly changes at direction and it starts going in the left side then total distance covered ok started from here let se started from here and it was sent in right side then it

had been left side so left is this is X and Y School part to displacement is only replacement x y - 1 but distance covered if X + Y so you can see that is where was we first need to know the is whether the particle is changing its direction or not we can find that whether packing is whether it is having velocity is zero at some point or not beacause in order to change direction velocity should be zero at some point so we can take this by differentiating the equation now we need to know the instantaneous velocity for this so we will write instantaneous velocity if it is

equal to differentiation of the storm that will be definition of 10 definition of 31 - different reason of p square - 2T 33880 to find whether it is becoming the road not taken any point of time to visit in May 2020 comes out to be one by two second one by two it will become zero so we will have to calculate in this manner we calculate the distance covered in p is equal to aap taken it will go from some point 4 to a and after t is equal to half S across that moving back it will start moving with velocity and it might be more than this because the distance is more time in more on this path

equal to time from PV equal to 1 by 2 is equal to zero is equal to zero is equal to 1 by 2 and this one from t is equal to one by two Tu equal to so this is how we need to calculating the so this is basically X 1 by 2 - 0 to 1 + 1 by 2 minus one by two minor this whole in bracket X 1 by 2 1 - 0 1 + 0 - 0 will be

calculated using text as -1 as this will be 1 + 2 - 2 - disposal parts only 11 by to 1 by 2 is coming positive outcome in negative because we are going in opposite direction when you install this what we get S40 Kata 7 buy now this Delta X 1 distance travelled in for this is a delta X2 final answer will be Delta X will be fever Ho 7 by 4 August 10 before

and this is 2.5 2.5 second and then it is option 3 correct option and dusted thank you for watching


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