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Class 12






Units And Measurements


The physical quantities not ha...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Pressure and energy densityTorque and workMomentum and Planck's constant Stress and Young's modulus

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students question the physical quantities not having same dimensions ok so here we are given four options and we have to tell which player doesn't have the same dimension so latest duet one by one first one is pressure and energy density is given by force per unit area to the dimension of force is MLT -2 / the dimension of area is square so the diameter of pressure will be -1 -2 ok now the energy density energy density is given by energy volume of energy is equal to ML 250 - 2 / dimension of volume is given by lq OK so the dimension of energy density will be

ml - 13 - 2 and here these two dimensions are equal Now taken when is torque and work ok to the dimension for torque can be given by torque is equals to H cross f ok are is the distance and SSB force to the dimension for 12 will begin my l into the dimension of force it is M L T -2 so that I mention foretold will be ML 250 - 2 now work work is given by force into displacement sweets dimension will be the dimension of force M and T minus 2 and 4 displacement is dimension for force will be M and 2m -2 and here also these dimensions are same ok now the third one third one is Momentum and

planck constant term is given by mass into velocity ok Namaz Ada dimension of M and velocity has dimension LT -1 so it is the dimension of momentum of planck constant V has a relation for energy with given by equals to EDGE new is the energy at his planck constant and use the frequency so from this we will have the relation for planck constant is H = 2 / new ok I mention of that is energy is ml2 T minus 2 / dimension of frequency is -1 finally Rai mention of planck constant will be ml2 t minus one ok I can see that here these two dimensions are not equal so option she must be our correct

answer ok now latest also check option d it is stress and Young's modulus ok now stress is given by force upon area ok the dimension m l - 2 / area is the dimension Allah square so the dimension for stress will be ml -1 and -2 now Young's modulus it is the ratio of stress and strain ok Nau I mention for stress is PF calculated above it is ml - 13 - 2 / strength is the ratio of change in length / excellent ok so here we can see that it is a dimensionless quantity because it is the ratio of length and land to the dimension of Young's modulus will be given by ml

-1 and -2 and it is also same as that of stress ok so can see that option C is the only correct answer because the given pair don't have be same dimensions so that so solution thank you

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