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Class 12






Current Electricity


The perfect gas equation for 4...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

A) PV = RTB) PV = 2RTC) PV = RT / 2D) PV = 4RT

Solution : Heat produced by coil inside the cylinder in time dt is <br> `dQ=l^(2)rdt………………(i)` <br> (a) As we know <br> `rArrdQ=nC_(P)dT` <br> `I^(2)rdt=(5R)/2dT(C_(P)=(5R)/2)` <br> Here `T=T_(0)+"at"+bt^(2)rArr(dT)/(dt)=(a+2bt)` <br> `I=sqrt([(5R)/(2r)(2bt+a)])............(ii)` <br> `(C_(p)=(5R)/2)` <br> Pressure is constant `PV=RTrArrPdV=RdT` <br> PAdx=RdT <br> `"Velocit v"=(dx)/(dt)=R/(PA),(dT)/(dt)=R/(PA)(2bt+a)("here"P_(0)A+mg=PA)` <br> `=R/(P_(0)A+mg)(2bt+a)`

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hello dear student the question is the perfect gas equation for four G of hydrogen gas will be first option is TV equal to Aati where p is the pressure V is the volume are is universal gas constant and T is the temperature in absolute scale that is N K B option PV equal to 2 h t c option TV equal to Aarti by 2 and the option is TV equal to four Aarti as the perfect gas equation is represented as TV equal to N it in this situation it is unknown and is unknown to it needs to find out in a number of moles of hydrogen gas is equal to the mass of the gas given divided by the molecular weight to this is equal to

four g / to G so number of moles will be to therefore we get PV equal to two Aarti hence if we check in the options the correct option is option number be because the value of n was equal to 2 therefore the correct option is second option TV equal to 2 Aarti thank you

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