The part of a circuit shown in the figure consists of two ideal diodes and a few resistors. The equivalent resistance of the circuit between A and B is <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/NTA_JEE_MOK_TST_30_E01_006_Q01.png" width="80%">

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`4Omega``13Omega``4Omega" or " 13Omega``4Omega` or zero

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letter start with other question in this question what is given out of a circuit shown in figure consists of two ideal diode and Furious Mr Bean it to calculate the equivalent resistance of the circuit between point A and B ok between this point A and B this is one of the diode this is another diode know if we consider the case of diode for the forward bias condition forward forward bias condition condition what is the resistance of diode diode would be behaving as a this conductor ideal conductor resistance value zero but for the case of reverse Biased for the case of reverse Biased ok the resistance value would be first to what it would be equal to infinity that meet the circuitry behaving as the open circuit know how will this behaviour forward by for example if we connect this way to the positive terminal and the to the negative terminal so we can see that this is behaving as a forward bias condition because these terms will be at positive this would be at the negative

similarly for this condition it is connected to the negative this is positive for this is the forward bias condition for the diode ok no for the foreword by so what would be the circuit equal to what was one this circuit would be willing to take it will be just via then there is one does a sincere ok that is another is a sincere then there is Resistance Then there would be a 4 ohm resistance here and there is a YouTube resistencia ok this is our case one know this is our event which is a positive and this is a beard which is a negative Jashpur News 24 so this value is to this is to this is 4 in terms of home now this is our food this is a great and the middle value is 5.1 is 1 then here polarity is positive and their popularity is negative mind this condition if you check know if we take the ratio of

this value to / 4 / 4 this value would be equal to 1 over to the cal these resistance at let's say this is this is a few paces h r and this is our us so we have taken the ratio of POS POS this comes out to be one by two were similarly if we take the ratio of this over is Sudheesh 44 divided by 8 this value is equal to 1 by two of these ratios are reported that this is the condition for condition condition for balance balance balance wheatstone Bridge wheat stone Bridge ok this is the condition for it is found that is this potential and potential at your potential at here would be seen and there is no current which is flowing into this circuit for the current would come here for example after the branching current would come here

current would go in the forum similarly the current which has entered into the lower branch so forth in the 4 ohm resistor whatever the current is going for it would be the same current which would go through the it on register here current value of this 4 and sorry Das to end this food this would be in the series so the what is the total resistance for this but it would be to plus 4 that Mein 61 so we just make this resistor of 6 1 year and what is in the lower part of the case so these again they would be in series or foe class 8 that would be equal to 12 so we can say that it would be equal to 12 and these are the end this is our year and this would be aware and so this is our 12 ohm and this would be ourselves on so what would we would be equal to 6 into 12 because these are in parallel with br2 I2 / source into 12 / 6 plus 12 so if you solve this answer good turnout

4 ohm ok know if we consider our k s no in the second case is 2 is to 3 is to 5 if we change the say this is this is positive so this would behave behave in the reverse bias condition so it would be open circuit it would be open circuit why because this would you buy it would be positive negative or positive and negative so the current which is coming here it would go here then go here then go here and then ultimate he would go from the plants so that is 4 and 5 of this day would be in series and would go into this not and its branch in the case second we just draw the circuit so our circuit would look like this ok this is this would be our Forum and here is the and b and here is the end it would go into this branch Whitefield forum this should be 51

this forum so what is the article and in this case it would be just 4 + 5 + 4 that means 30 no no idea with our are required to be 413 so which option will be the correct option 4:30 show the correct option 413 hope you understand this solution thank you

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