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Jee Mains


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<img src="" width="80%"> <br> The output of the given combination of gates is equivalent to:

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B


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hello the problem states that the output of the given combination of the gates is equal to what then and or not we are given to input A and B and C are connected with not Kate and further their connected with the and Kate and here access the output so in order to find the output of the given it we have to plot the truth table of it so let's see if this is this is connected to what did not get so here then put would be a in body and similarly this is also connected to the

BP so in a way this inverse and then what is the input definition of the and Gate what is the definition of the end that is the multiplication of the input but this is what navigate so that would become a per into paper and wool barakat so that's what X is accordingly let's draw the to tape table so we have input be a deeper than we have ever into Bieber at that finally we have output X inverse of a barber pole ka let's plot the table of 8

this part is the input and this part of the input can be 00001 accordingly the EPA Aitbaar will become zero in one should be 10 14.1 in one should be jio and should be the inverse of 0 is 1 episode 10 inverse of 0 is 1 and inverse of what is that the product of paper into deeper into one is perfect for any 2000 into one is you and your 120 is ok

we have to take with symbol that would become jio phone so now we can compare the input to the input of zero zero is jio input of 0.1 is 1180 is 1.1 is so we can say this is similar to what pocket in August we get the same to table accordingly we can do it with answer thank you


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