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Jee Mains 2020


The output characteristics of ...

The output characteristics of a transistor is shown in the figure. When `V_(CE)` is 10 V and `I_C = 4.0 mA`, then value of `beta_(ac)` is _________ <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello everyone let standard question question says that the output characteristics of a transistor is shown in the figure when we see is 10 v and I see is phone ma then the value of Beta AC ok so here we have to find out the value of Beta HCG and this is Defined by change in IC engine IP ok so you find out this first we find out change in ok so here we are taking this ok 30 Mai ka and 20 micro a OK it is given that AC is equal to four ma so we will we will be taking around this one here we see that it is 30 and 20 a OK so this is

and this is IC ok so if you right here if you right here Dale I see that is changing I see so here we see that corresponding to 20 Michael a and 30 Mai ka see that the 20 Mai ka it is 3 and 4 38 is 4.8 if it is 5 then it will be around 4.5 ok should LIC will be 4.5 - 3 ok and it is given you ma ok and if you talk about the Dell I be your PC that would I be 30 - 20 30 - 20 and it is given in

microampere if you right in ma this will be 10 to the power minus 3 MA ok so both units are now in ma ok now if you solve solve this is will be this will be 1500 if 10 to the power minus 3 will go up and in the bottom this will be 10 ok so this will be approximately 150 OK so the value of Beta AC the value of Beta AC is equal to 150 ok thank you

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