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The nearest star to our solar ...

The nearest star to our solar system is 4.29 light years away. How much is this distance in terms of paesecs ? How much parallax would this star (named Alpha Centauri) show when viewed from two locations of the Earth six months apart in its orbit around the Sun ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : 1 light year `=9.46xx10^(15)m` <br> 4.29 light year `=4.29xx9.46xx10^(15)` <br> `=4.58xx10^(16)m` <br> Now 1 parsec `=3.08xx10^(16)m` <br> If `=3.08xx10^(16)m` = 1 parsec, <br> `:.4.058xx10^(16)m=(?)` <br> Distance in parsec `=(4.58xx10^(16)xx1)/(3.08xx10^(16))=1.32pc` <br> In 1 parsec `to` parallax is 2.. <br> `:.1.32` parsec `to` (?) <br> Parallax `=(1.32xx2..)/(1)=2.64..`


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