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The moment of inertia of a rig...

The moment of inertia of a rigid body is `1.5 kgxxm//s^(2)` and its initial angular velocity is zero. It start rotating with uniform angular acceleration `alpha=20rad//sec^(2))` to achieve a rotational `KE=1200J` find the time requried for this:


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

20 sec200 sec2 sec0.2 sec

Answer : C


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hello the problem statement of inertia of a rigid body is 1.5 kg metre square and its angular velocity initial angular velocity is zero it starts rotating with uniform angular acceleration a 20 Radian per second square to achieve operational kinetic energy of 1200 so we have to find the time so let's understand the concept as we know the kinetic energy is given by of omega square for reason for teeth which is rotating so kinetic energy is 1202 that is equal to half into my moment of inertia is given to assess 1.5 square let's try to find the value of Omega 1220 402

show the value of omega square this 1600 Omega the angular speed when the body requires that it can Aji 1200 so what will give this we are given with the initial angular speed of the body that is to find the angular speed is 40 Radian per second is given to assess 2019 per second is per we have to find the time in which the body of the angular speed 40 seconds to reduce Pune + sulphur 30 40 initial speed was zero is given to 20 in the value of the wood 42

which is given to us in the option thank you