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Class 12






Gravitation. Electrical Forces


The molecule of water may, as ...

The molecule of water may, as a first approximation, be considered as a dipole with an electric moment `p=6.1xx xx 10^(-30) C*m`. Estimate the force of attraction between two water molecules.

Text Solution

Answer : `6.7xx10^(-20)N`
Solution : First find the intermolecular distance. The mass of one cubic meter of water is `10^(3)` kg, a kilomole of water (18kg) contains `6.0 xx 10^(28)` molecules. Therefore one cubic meter of water contains `N=` <br> `=6.0xx10^(26) xx10^(3)//18 = 3.3 xx 10^(28)` molecules. Then the distance between the water molecules is <br> `d= root(3) (N) = root(3)(3.0xx10^(-20)) = 3.1 xx 10^(-10)m` <br> The force of interaction is <br> `F ~~ (6p_(e )^(2))/(4pi epsilon_(0)d^(3)) = 6.7 xx 10^(-20)N`

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