The mean life time of a radionuclide, if the activity decrease by `4%` for every `1 h`, would b e(product is non-radioactive, i.e., stable )

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :
24.5 hrs


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we have a question is that the mean lifetime of the radionuclide if the activity decrease by the 4% of every one would be the product is not radioactive product question is that some information so given we write down some theoretical so product product table table non-radioactive unknown Radioactive video Radioactive and GK DK is linear

isliye and not not exponential Oppo 97 4.4% DK DJ in one hour sukho for hundred percent DK we would we would need we would need 100/4 ok 100/4 into one so we got the value is 25 answer of question

so 100% is possible in 25 house ok this is answer

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