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The maximum kinetic energy of ...

The maximum kinetic energy of electron if wavelenght of incident electromagnetic wave is `260 nm` and cut-off wvelenght is `380 nm` given `hc = 1237nm.eV` is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`1.5eV``6.4eV``10eV``None of these

Answer : A


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hello everyone that started question question is that a maximum kinetic energy of electron if wavelength of incident incident electromagnetic wave is 260 NM and cutoff wavelength 318 am given that a sequel to 1237 NM show me to find out the maximum kinetic energy of electron so in photoelectric Photoelectric effect if it if we draw if we draw a graph is kinetic energy y axis and frequency in x axis no

dasvin oh and there is no change in kinetic energy until there will be a point call cutoff frequency that will be rising kinetic energy is it called when is called cutoff frequency ok so when when the surface and the energy replied that is HR new then the an electronic excited and released energy which is in the form of kinetic energy and this is -5 which will be less than the energy given ok so in the question we have to calculate maximum

so we can write equal to H new and the kinetic energy is kinetic energy is H new -55 ok so we know that HC Lambda not ok and what is around the nose is the cutoff wavelength ok cut of Wave length now if we substitute the value the year is c b minus y is

HC by not so we put the value the value of HC is well 37 electron volt / Lambda 30 to 60 - 12 3 level divide by which is the cutoff wavelength is cutoff wavelength ok for the cutoff frequency so if you solve this this will be around 4.75 electron volt and this one will 3.25 electron volt final answer will be 1.5 electron volt so if the options

reduction is 1.5 electron volt we can write the correct answer is correct answer is 1.5 electron volt thank you

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