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Oscillation And Simple Harmonic Motion


The metallic bob of a simple p...

The metallic bob of a simple pendulum has the relative density `rho`. The time period of this pendulum is `T`. If the metallic bob is immersed in water ,then the new time period is given by


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`T(rho- 1)/(rho)``T(rho)/(rho - 1)``T sqrt((rho - 1)/(rho))``T sqrt((rho)/(rho - 1))`

Answer : D
Solution : When the bob is immersed in water its effective its effiective weight <br> `= (mg - (m)/(p) g) = mg ((rho - 1)/(rho)) :. g_(eff) = g ((rho - 1)/(rho))`<br> `(T')/(T) = sqrt((g)/(g_("eff"))) rArr T' = T sqrt((p)/((p-1)))`


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