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Jee Mains 2020


The mass density of a spherica...

The mass density of a spherical galaxy varies as `(K)/(r)` over a large distance 'r' from its centre . In that region , a small star is in a circular orbit of radius R . Then the period of revolution , T depends on R as :

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`T prop R ``T^(2) prop R ``T^(2) prop (1)/(R^3)``T^(2) prop R^(3)`


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hello everyone the question is that the mask and to his perikal Galaxy varies as ke phone are over large distance r from its centre in that present a smart turn a circular orbit of radius R then the revolution t depends on our is this question I have to find out the period of revolution that we will depend upon our it is given that the mass density of so much office character Galaxy various ke Apon ke por now we know so marks Galaxy Core Prime Revolution so sorry Masters typical mass density varies as of a spherical Galaxy AS Kaun are over last distance now we know so they will be centripetal force between planet Saudi M M M R square bill by centripetal force and omega square into

are now former former value will be cancel out the value of Angle B Chemicals to so I can write the value of M will be equal to 4 Pi R Square into Dr into mass density hair mask dance ke Pune valuable change from jio to hath now on for the following this value shown for the soul of this value we get value of a 25 ke Raste 25 K R square now this value will became equals to omega scrofa and this value will became equals to put the value of a the value of 2 G5 ke so value of Omega is 25 pointing now on solving this value so value will became equal to 30 square will be value of Omega to 5.30 put this value the value will became equals to 25

square minus 4 y square upon 30 square are equal to 2 G K value is directly proportional to our site will be our hands option B is right thank you

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