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The mass and sides of cube are...

The mass and sides of cube are given as (10 kg `+-0.1)` and `(0.1m+-0.01)` the fractional density is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A


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hello the problem states that the mass and the sides of a cube is given by 10 kg plus minus 0.1 8.1 m plus minus 0.1 then we have to find the fractional density let's understand the concept so here if you are going to use the concept of the error so density of issue is Defined by mass per unit volume and as we know who is given by x square is the site so that is simply and Upon A you so what we have to find we have to find the fraction density so let's see if

we will take Ellen on both sides of the expression is given to us is Rupees is equals to and from A to B so that becomes talent group is equals to Ellen show that also become talent group is equals to Allen and minus 11 of a cube in a cube can also be returned three times of Allen 8 so that is Alan M - of three times of reading this is what is now let's differentiate to get Delta Roop Peru is equals to know the differentiation of LN X + 1 by X so that is Delta - 3 x of delta 88 but since we are

dealing with their so the error is always at its that is three types of delta A5 the problem 48 2.2.2 section density so this is what the fractional densities change in density of the original density know they are given with the value of delta and the Mass Mass is given to us S10 plus minus 0.1 and a value is 2.1 plus minus 2018 sports news so tell time is 0.1 which is 10 + 3 x of delta a witches 2015

so this becomes point 1 by 10 so which is 4.0 1 + 3 X off white 01.1 pages point 1 so this is point 3 plus point zero images this is what the fraction densities which is given to us induction a location within said thank you